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About Us

A brief little history of Little Dancer Web Hosting

New to making your presence in the web? Or are you an experienced web developer in need of a good web host but tired of all the common frustrations such as hidden fees and long downtimes and uncooperative customer service coming from other huge, well-known web host services? Well look no further. Little Dancer Web Hosting is here!

Little Dancer Web Hosting works to provide you with the absolute best hosting experience possible. We’re a very stable company that works to make your life easy. With us, the most important thing here is you. We are most dedicated to you and your happiness. We have no hidden fees or misleading information. We just want to make your website easy to manage without worry.

We’re very experienced with hosting too, which is important. Little Dancer was first established back in 2009, but the owner, Jennifer, has been hosting people for over 7 years beforehand. The goal of our company is to give people an honest host that they can trust. In a business, the customer is always right and we follow that to the letter here. You deserve to be treated like a star and nothing less.

The best thing about us is that we’re here for the long run! We won’t disappear tomorrow or leave without warning. We intend to be around for a long time. Little Dancer is always trying to grow and expand to make your hosting experience even better! Here we believe that the customer’s happiness is the most important thing. If for whatever reason you find you aren’t happy we will try and do everything within our power to make your experience better because you deserve nothing but the best! Regardless of the fact if you pay for hosting or not, you should be treated right!

Little Dancer is always open to suggestions to make your hosting experience better. We want you to be happy and comfortable without any worries. We want you to feel welcome for as long as you’re hosted with us.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us.