Terms and Conditions


You may be of any age to sign up for our hosting. However, if you are under 13 years of age, then you must get your parents permission forehand. We are not responsible for any trouble you get into with your parents.


Websites are allowed to have multiple owners under the condition you let me know about them before hand. I need to know who all of the site owners and/or managers are before you get them. I need their names and their email addresses. If I find out that your website has multiple owners and I have not been informed, then your website may face suspension with or without warning.

No Free Domains

Do not apply for hosting with a domain that you do not own. We won’t register the domain for you unless you apply for domain registration with us. That is done separately from the hosting, however. We do not register domains for you for free. If you do not own the domain, then do not apply with it. The domain will not be registered for you for free.


Websites should be in English or have an English version. I do not fluently speak any other language at this time. I’m also not going to go through the trouble of trying to get a translator for your site. Your site needs to be in English or have an English version clearly available.

Why do You Want to be Hosted?

When applying for hosting, tell us why you want to be hosted. We want to know about your online web creation history. What experience do you have? It is important to us to know how dedicated you are to your website. We don’t want to give out hosting, especially free hosting, to someone who isn’t really serious or interested in it.

Bandwidth and Space

Remember to watch how much space you’re using. Your website should not be hosting anything belonging to any other websites not hosted here. (eg. don’t host something here for a website you have hosted elsewhere) Only keep active and in-use files on your website. If you’re not using a file or don’t need it anymore, delete it from your site. Don’t just keep it there because you have the space. That is a waste of resources.


We are willing to host domains like .co.cc, .uni.cc, and more. We are more picky when it comes to free .tk domains. If you’re unsure about a domain type, feel free to contact us via ticket support or live chat.

We do not allow third-party redirections however. This includes .co.nr. These redirection domains are not allowed here under any conditions.

Upgrades and Downgrades

Upgrades and downgrades are available to anyone already hosted with us. For an upgrade/downgrade or information on an upgrade/upgrade, please submit a ticket. Be sure to make it clear that you are interested in an upgrade/downgrade and are already hosted here.

Linking Back

A link back to us is only required for those under a free account. A link back is required on every page. It can be in the form of a button, text link, or otherwise. It must be an obvious and clearly viewed link. The link must be visible at all times, including during maintenance.

Paid accounts do not need to provide a link back, though it is appreciated.


You can have multiple applications with us. However, you can only have one pending application at a time. We are willing to host as many sites of yours as you desire.


Doing backups of your website are very important. We try to do them, however, it is always possible for something to go wrong. We’re only human and there’s only so much we can do and control. Its important that you make an effort too. Do regular or daily backups of your website as to not lose any information. We are not responsible for any information lost.

Dates and Inactivity

Websites should have some sort of last updated date on the website. I need to know when your website was last active or updated. This isn’t required, but it is highly suggested. Any websites that I feel are inactive, will receive an email warning.


Uses will receive three warnings regarding a problem. After three warnings, your account will be suspended. You will be then notified of the suspension. If I still have not heard from you, then your account will be terminated. You will be notified. Backups will not be saved nor given to you.

Reactivating Suspended Websites

Websites are often suspended for one reason, disregarding the rules. You get three warnings before your websites suspension. That’s three changes to keep your website from being suspended. If you’ve ignored these three emails, then your site will end up suspended. If you come back and find your website suspended you will have to pay a $4.00 fee to get it unsuspended. Its $1.00 per warning basically. You only have to pay this fee if you want your website reactivated.

If your site has been suspended due to your inactivity or disregarding of the rules, then you will not receive your backups.


If you choose to go on hiatus then it is important for you to let us know. You need to let us know before or directly after you go on hiatus. If you do not let us know, then you could receive a warning email or suspension email if too much time passes. SO its very important that you warn us of what is going on. Please also let us know how long you plan to be on hiatus.

Canceling Hosting

If at any time you no longer wish to be hosted by us, please let me know so that I may terminate your account. I do allow you to keep up a moved sign for a short period of time, but you must ask. Its only done upon request.