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Terms of Service

After Ordering,

Stay close to your email as you should soon be receiving an email with your account information. If you do not receive any type of email from us within 24 hours please contact customer support and submit a ticket. Please do not forget to check your spam/junk folders before contacting us as the email may have been sent there.


We accept PayPal, Credit/Debit (through PayPal), cash, and some checks. PayPal though is our preferred method of payment. If you would like to pay via cash or check please submit a ticket to the support desk. If you would like to use some other method of payment again, please contact that support desk for more information.

We must receive payments within 7 days of the due date. We may or may not send out a payment reminder. If we have not received an email or payment from you within 7 days after the due date then your account will then be suspended. If after 30 days you do not email us or pay the bill then your account will be terminated along with all site backups. You will not be able to get your site or any of it’s information back.

If at anytime during the 30 day suspension period you wish to reopen your account you will half to pay a $5.00 USD fee in addition to your bill. If you only wish to get the back-ups for your site during this time you will have to pay a $7.00 USD file back-up fee.

If you believe you may have problems paying your bill please send us an email before you receive the bill. We will be happy to try and work something out with you.


If for whatever reason you are not happy with our services, you will get a full refund.

Refunds will only be given out within the first 7 days of service. We will not give out refunds for domains, nor will you be able to keep an already registered domain. Terminated accounts will not receive a refund under any circumstances.

In the case of file loss, site deletion, or another problem on our side we will give you a refund. Please note that this may or may not be a full refund. Also keep in mind that you will only get this kind of refund if something happens to us (Little Dancer Hosting) and we are forced to close or experience lengthy downtime.


In truth nothing is ‘unlimited’. To have an unlimited amount of something simply means that your site will not not be metered. You will be offered as much space for your site as you so need as long as the desired amount of space is within reason. If for whatever reason your site is hurting or crippling the server you will be warned via email and/or face account suspension.

Please keep in mind that we offer you web hosting. We are not offering you file storage so please do not use your web space for such.


This content is not allowed on Little Dancer. By uploading this type of content your account could face suspension or termination.

  • Pornography
  • Proxy Scripts
  • Outdated Software and Scripts
  • Unsafe or Insecure Software and Scripts
  • Disturbing or Questionable Content/Images
  • Stolen Content
  • PHPizabi Forums
  • Video or Music Files (exceptions can be made, contact customer support)
  • Copyrighted Material

If this such content is found on Little Dancer it will then be removed with or without warning. A backup will not be made and thus, you will not be able to get your content back.

For music and/or video content, an exception can be made. Please contact customer support and submit a ticket so someone can get back to you.

Fair Usage,

You must not create unneeded or unused accounts. You may not upload content that you do not or are not using. This takes away from space that could be going to real use. We are not your storage bin, so please do not treat us as such. This also goes along with unlimited storage. Just because it says unlimited doesn’t mean that it lasts forever. You cannot just pile things on your account and expect it not to effect how it or the rest of the company runs. So please consider how much you put on your account. If you host others, then you need to watch what they put on their accounts too and how much space they use.

Downtime and Data Loss

We work hard to provide you with the best uptime, but we’re not perfect and the server does go down. At this time, we’re not responsible for any data you lose. There’s nothing we could do about it. So you need to ensure that you do your backups, jus to be safe.


We do take regular backups of all accounts. This is done nightly on a daily basis. However, to ensure a backup of your account, please make sure that you keep up on your backups as well. We also advise that you keep the backups saved off server. We try our best to do the backups, but things can happen and they can be lost. So make sure that you do your own backups as well. If, for whatever reason, you need our backups for your website, then please contact us via ticket support or otherwise.

Cancellation/Termination of Services

Choice to cancel service will lead to your account be terminated. Refunds are not given.

We reserve the right to terminate your account at any time with or without notice. If we find that you have failed to follow any of the terms or service or terms and conditions then you may face account termination. In faces of account termination, you will not receive any type of refund.

Privacy Policy

Your information will not be shared at any time with anyone for any reason. Unless we are required by law, your information will not be shared with anyone outside of Little Dancer Web Hosting.